Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Reflections...

Transitions have always been a challenge for me, even the good ones.  I feel like I have never been one who eases into things without some sort of emotional strife or deep reflection of what has been, could have been, or will be.  So, as I ease into summer and all of it’s splendor, I find myself reflecting on what I have learned this year and what I want to focus on during the summer. 

~Live in the moment... I know this one seems so simple and is often stated, but I really need to work on this.  I don’t want to spend the summer thinking about how few days are left, what work I have to do once the kids are in bed, or how many fun things we need to cram in.  I want to be present in the moment I am in, observing all of the little things that I may overlook as I am thinking about what will happen next, such as the joy I feel when I make my kids laugh, or the ways that their faces are changing and maturing. I want to remember the little moments of the summer and enjoy each and every one.
~Have fun... Anyone who knows me knows that I can be very intense.  I don’t do anything half-way and I can even be intense about fun.  I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true! Instead of evaluating the level of fun I am having, I just want to have fun.  I want to embrace the messiness of daily life, laugh at all of the things that would normally make me crazy, and follow whatever idea may pop into my mind. I want to make wonderful summer memories with my girls and find adventures in unlikely places and laugh along the way. 
~Focus on Relationships... My kids, my husband, my friends. I want this summer to be about strengthening relationships and making sure the people who I am close to know how much I value them. How thankful I am for all of the blessings they bestow upon me each day. Too often during the school year I find myself taking for granted the people I love know it and telling myself that I will “fit in” time to foster these relationships after I do just one more thing.  This summer I don’t want to put if off any longer and I don’t want to find something that has to be done before I can allow myself this important time with people who fill me up and remind me that no matter how successful I am, there isn’t any joy if there aren’t special people to share it with.
~No one is perfect… As I have already said, I can be an intense perfectionist.  I look more critically at myself than anyone else ever would.  I place too much value on each decision made, each moment lost, and all of the things I could have done better.  This summer I want to remember that my best is enough and that all things done with good intentions are good enough and if I can accept my own imperfections, I can allow myself to achieve all of the other goals I have set! 
~A final goal….Focus on myself.  I know this may seem in direct contrast to goal number 3, as well as components of the other goals I have set, but I am getting to a place in my life where I am finally understanding that in order to do all of the other things I want to do, I must take time to fill myself up.  I want to devote time to my personal interests such as reading and writing (Hence this summer blogging goal). I want to continue to develop hobbies outside of my professional life.  I want to learn to play an instrument and try out an exercise class I have never taken.  Embracing and exploring things that I love will only make me better for those I care about, and this summer I want to remember and honor that important fact.
So my friends, in an effort to hold myself accountable for these goals, I am going to attempt to post weekly to this blog and update you on my progress, or lack of progress (see goal number 4). :)  Thank you for being a part of the journey and for taking the time to read this! Do you have any summer goals you are pursuing? 

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